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This Item is amazing!!!!!!! It works so fast it is unbelievable after trying several topical and baths and combing... we just couldn't get rid of the fleas!! It was crazy!! Within 1 hour all fleas were dead!!!!! Received within a couple of days... Super fast shipping!! Thanks!!!!

Worked great. Used on 6 cats. Noticed a weight gain on several and no more worms.

Great product, used as directed on two 1 lb kittens, no problems and no worms. Thanks!

I cannot say enough GOOD things about this product and company. I placed my order on a Friday and received it on Monday, excellent turn around time. The packaging was very good - they even included a medicine cup for mixing the medicine. I mixed the specified dosage with a bit of water and used the included syringe to give it to him with no problems. It has been 3 days and we are worm free! medicine as described. price fantastic; checked other places; this one the best with same ingredients and dosage thank you

item arrived SUPER FAST and well packaged.Also came with detailed instructions- excellent seller A+++

This product is absolutely WONDERFUL!! I fought the flea battle for a year with all the advertised stuff. The price of these were taking me to the poorhouse. I found this one 6 months ago & I was amazed how quickly the flea problem was solved. I open the capsule, sprinkle it on top of wet food & they gobble it up without incident. Now, I use it monthly to make sure the fleas don't return.

Got it. Work very well I bought for my cats and also bought the dog one as well. Doesn't last the entire month, but I am very pleased with the results and will continue to purchase this for my pets.

Seller send extra goodies, thank u. very well packed and deliver pretty fast. Only product I trust since advantage does not work any longer. :D

This item arrived in 3 days to my door ! The fastest shipping ever ! Will buy from them again !

worked fanstastic for my cats .. will and did by more... highly recommended ....

Item works great as described. Good costumer service too, they replied my inquires within minutes. A +++ seller.

I only gave 1/3 dose and it worked within a day. It's much better than those pills sold in Petsmart.

Great product from this seller. Competitive pricing. Fast ship. Will purchase again. Very positive experience. Thank you.

Works like a charm every time! Thanks so much for the fast shipping.

I have 7 cats and none had negative side effects from this product, which never happens. I received this in two days, amazing service! All of them gobbled this down with oil packed tuna, it dissolved instantly. super easy to give and no worries about the messy oil. I am grateful to have a product that works and at a great price, don't hesitate to try!

thanks for doing everything just right. this seller is highly recommended!!!

WONDERFUL!!! Started giving this to our baby when nothing else seemed to offer any kind of relief for him. He has just in the past few treatments cut back on scratching dramatically AND i have not seen one flea on his body. Thank you so much for helping fix that

works great my cats had a great sleep after the first hour and the dead fleas fell off on the kitchen floor and i had to keep cleaning up love it great product i am buying more and for my dog too..

This is a WONDERFUL product!!within minutes my cat was doing a flea dance, then after about 30 mins, all was calm and I haven't seen any evidence of fleas

So happy to find a supplier of a product that can be delivered to our feral cat as we could never "pill" her. The order arrived promptly and as described with detailed information and instructions included. Will definitely order again.

This stuff is working GREAT on our cats! We had a really bad flea infestation, but after spraying the house and using this product, we are practically flea-free!

We live where there are ticks and this helps like magic. They fall off and she is running like a happy rabbit. The only negative is that she does urinate more right after taking maybe the first day. After that all is well. So love it and will buy again.

Great product, works immediately, and my dog looks and feels better since I got this product and it lasts, Best stuff for my dog, I will buy again Thank you.

lightning fasssst shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give products 5 stars so far! kills fleas fassst!

Shipped promptly, not only did I get what they described, they added in everything needed to use the product, no matter which way I chose to use it. Directions for all methods were clear and concise. Good seller, they treated me right.

I have ordered several products from this seller : wormer and flea control. Works very well in both cats and (large)dogs. Don't expect instantaneous results as goes for any product. You will see the benefits after 30 days using the continuous monthly treatments. I have finally won my WAR against the fleas.

This seller was so supportive when talking with him directly in regard to the product received. One of the best experiences I've had w/any seller because of his conscientiousness.

Works amazingly well! About a half hour after fed, my poor girl started running around itching. I followed her around and could actually vacuum up the larvae and fleas as they died. In 20 minutes she started grooming normally and stopped scratching almost completely.

Excellent product,within one hour I saw fleas literally falling off my chocolate lab,I have already recommended to friends

We specialize in Broad Spectrum Pet dewormers and flea control products

Broad spectrum means we use more than 1 medication per capsule which makes it effective against many kinds of bugs in comparison to almost all other brands where you have to buy a separate medication to kill each bug. We cure them all with 1 capsule.

We sold over 60,000 " sixty thousand" doses since we started in 2011

Our goal is to have satisfied customers and happy pets

All our products are proudly made in USA

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